Grass-fed beef, raised naturally on lush northern Missouri pasture, where rich soils coupled with light grazing rotation allows us avoid the use of applied fertilizers.

Scottish Highland cattle are a hardy and self-sufficient heirloom breed developed long ago in the rugged Scottish Highlands.

Aside from their calm gentle disposition and distinctive long hair and horns, Highlands differ from commercial breeds by thriving on grass and rough forage – producing delicious beef without the need for grain finishing.

Our cattle are raised free of antibiotics or added hormones.

Whether you’re looking for the health benefits of grassfed beef, or the rich beefy flavor developed by animals allowed to feed and mature naturally, Mount Airy Highlands is the right place to go.

We’d love to talk to you about our fold.


Glen Spotts, Partner and Fold Manager
6426 South Highway 3
Armstrong, MO 65230
(660) 670-4743
Steve Jones, Partner
39 West Nottingham Circle
Sullivan, MO 63080
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