Product $/Lb Notes
Ground Beef 4.77
Roast 7.50
Brisket 7.50
Soup Bones $3.25
Organ Meats $3.75
25lb bundle $8.25  Mix of premium steaks, steaks, roasts and ground.
50lb bundle $7.99                ” “
Ribeye Steak $8.50
Strip Steak $8.50
Sirloin Steak $8.50
Round Steak $6.50
Tenderloin Roast*** $19.55
Filet Mignon*** $21.99
1/4, package weight* $7.99  This is a packaged “split half”, not a front or hind.  Includes processing.
1/2 Hanging weight** $4.35 Does not include processing.  Hanging weight (a.k.a. “rail weight”) taken immediately after initial processing, before aging or cutting
Whole hanging weight** $4.10  “” “”
Live, On the Hoof** $2.55 Does not include processing.  Free delivery of your animal to Tunes Locker in Centralia, or delivery to your preferred processor for $1.50/mile one way, first 40 miles free.  Discount available if you take delivery of the live animal at our farm.
2.7% sales tax will be added to all above, except live animals.
3% surcharge for credit card.
DELIVERY NOT INCLUDED.  Bulk purchases are normally picked up at Tunes Locker in Centralia, or Special D Meats in Macon.  Mount Airy Highlands can deliver your beef for $1/mile from the processor to your door.  Bundles and individual items are sometimes available at our Sullivan or Armstrong Locations.
Beef dry aged 14 days in temperature and humidity controlled conditions before processed and packaged, all under state or federal inspection.
* Cut to standard spec
** Plus processing.  Cut to your spec.
*** Not normally stocked