Superior Meat

Scottish Highland Cattle have much less surface fat, a trait that matches the heavy insulation of their long hair. They are sturdy, self-sufficient, and naturally healthy – doing quite well without the application of broad-spectrum antibiotics commonly used with commercial cattle. Our fold is never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics.

Scottish Highlands slow maturing, ready for market around 30 months, much longer than the 18 months common to typical commercial cattle which were purpose bred for rapid weight gain and time to market. The extra time results in a beef that is rich in flavor, and naturally marbled with fat gained on grasses and wild forage.

With at least 14 days of dry-aging in clean tightly temperature and humidity controlled facilities under USDA inspection, our beef is remarkably tender and delicious. You’ve never had grass fed beef this good before.

We sell our beef in halves or wholes, processed to your specification in USDA inspected facilities under our approved label.

Quarters may be available, but will be processed and packaged based on a standard rather than customer specification. What you get will not be a front or rear quarter, but a “split half”, an even split of the cuts resulting from processing a half.

Quarters can be reserved but will only be processed when we have an even number of orders matching our available supply. Of course you can always get together with friends or neighbors and “cowpool” your order to get up to a half or a whole, so you can specify how you’d like it cut and get on the normal reservation schedule.